Turkish antep pistachio is grown in Gaziantep and the surrounding areas. We know it as Damascus Pistachio in some regions. The first pistachio businesses were established in Gaziantep and the pistachio trade started from here.

roasted turkish antep pistachio
Roasted Turkish Antep Pistachio

Turkish Antep pistachios are generally grown in dry and arid regions. Recently, irrigated farming has started. Although it grows in such dry conditions, its contribution to the country’s economy is great. However, they need irrigation and fertilization.

Salted an Roasted Turkish pistachios are rich in vitamins E, B and C. It ranks second in terms of protein, calories and fat compared to hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts. It contains plenty of protein and minerals. It is a highly preferred dry food due to its presence in substances that reduce the risk of chronic heart diseases and cancer. Turkish Antep pistachio does not raise cholesterol because it is a food high in unsaturated fat.


turkish antep pistachio kernel mawardi
Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel Mawardi

When you look at the types of pistachios, you will see that there are 7 different types.

  1. TEKİN: It is a quality variety and gives high income.
  2. BARAK YILDIZI: It is the earliest maturing species. It has a green and dark interior. Red; Uncommon type of pistachio.
  3. HALEBİ: ıt is very high quality and has a low yield.
  4. UZUN: This species, which is quite common in our country, grows in large quantities. It is also very high in terms of efficiency.
  5. OHADİ: The quality is better than the Siirt variety. However, its efficiency is low. Siirt type, which is considered to be the highest quality in pistachio types, is more productive than the long type.

What Are The Benefits of Turkish Antep Pistachio?

turkish antep pistachio kernel perfect green
Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel Perfect Green

Turkish Antep Pistachio that energizes the body also relieves fatigue. However, it strengthens the body and mind. It increases sexual power and provides regular functioning of the liver and intestine. It relieves kidney pain. It prevents heart diseases. Provides the development of the body.

It is good for cough as it softens the chest. It reduces glucose absorption in the small intestine and prevents blood sugar from rising. It helps to reduce bladder sands. Daily 10-12 pistachios not only meet the daily fat requirement of the body, but also meet 35% of the daily protein, vitamin B1 and phosphorus needs of the body.

Since it lowers cholesterol, it also reduces the risk of heart disease. It can also be used in diabetes, ie diabetes. It clears inflammation in the lungs and relieves pain. It reduces the risk of stroke. It is good for depression. Turkish Antep pistachios, which are good against gastric colon cancer, are said to be richer in calories, potassium, iron, chromium, phosphorus and fat than beef than walnuts and hazelnuts, and even more in protein than meat.

Being a vitamin B1 store, pistachios protect the nervous system, hair, skin, mouth and liver health. It is used in alternative medicine for the treatment of some diseases. Pistachio, which can be dried and stored for a long time, is a food that can be consumed every month of the year. It is a dry food preferred by those who want to improve the body.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Salted Antep Pistachio

turkish antep pistachio kernel red yellowish
Turkish Antep Pistachio Kernel Red Yellowish

When pistachios, which do not end with counting health benefits, are consumed excessively, damage to the body is also seen. Cholesterol patients should not consume it or should consume it under the control of a doctor. Turkish Pistachios, which have a very high oil rate, can cause acne and weight gain when consumed too much.

Different skin problems can also occur. Since there is a possibility of harming the baby during pregnancy, it is beneficial not to consume too much during this period. When consumed too much, an allergic problem may occur.

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